Once again, you came to Freedom Hall, touched all of our audience with your amazing ability on the piano and also your genuine passion and love for what you are doing! This is evident to me and is mentioned by so many of our patrons who talk to me about you after our shows! Always a pleasure to have you here, not just for our audience, but for me as a presenter! You are truly a special person and one of the good guys in the business who make my job a joy and pleasure to do!


All the best in the future, I look forward to talking to you about other artists in your company and of course, a return engagement in the next several years!




Charles W. Sabey

Cultural Arts Supervisor

Freedom Hall

410 Lakewood Boulevard

Park Forest, IL 60466

Mac Frampton is the one pianist who plays with his heart as well as his head.”                                                                                             -- ROGER WILLIAMS

"An immensely talented pianist, at home in a wide variety of musical settings."                                                                          -- BILLBOARD MAGAZINE


"How one man can bring the rafters down in Symphony Hall, as if a full orchestra were playing, is a feat in itself. It's consummate musicianship. Electrifying!"                      -- THE ATLANTA CONSTITUTION


"The Ball and your music have been the talk of Washington! It was the best orchestra we have ever had." 
 -- NATIONAL SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA CHARITY BALL, Washington, D.C.                                                  

"...very impressed with the professionalism and beauty of the performance. This is the first time I've seen a performance receive two standing ovations - intermission, and at the end." 
                                            -- STATE THEATRE FOR THE ARTS, Uniontown, PA


“Dynamite!”                                                                                     -- MERV GRIFFIN

”Think of Horowitz mixed with Liberace and an ounce of Victor Borge, and you’ve got the picture.”  -- THE ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION


"Absolutely wonderful! Standing ovation at intermission plus three after the show."                                            -- YAVAPAI COLLEGE, Prescott, AZ

"A musical roller-coaster of a ride that no one wanted to end." 
                                                                                       -- THE JOURNAL, Sturgis, MI


"One of the finest shows we have ever presented. Wonderful pace and first rate musicians across the board." 
                                                                             -- ARTS COUNCIL, Springfield, OH

"...I recommend Frampton shows to any presenter!" 
                                                                   -- TERRACE THEATER, Long Beach, CA


"Mac Frampton is colossal - both impressive and heaps of fun, a combination that is hard to deliver.  If there is any justice in the world, Frampton will become a household name. He really is that good." 
                                                                                                    -- ATLANTA JOURNAL